Tahitian twist Candle 300g

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Each candle in this exotic collection contains a trio of harmonious fragrances, captured in soy wax and complemented with an artisanal wick.

Paradise for your senses. No matter where the day leads, simply light a Sunescape Triple Scented Soy Candle to transport yourself to your ultimate tropical destination. The Sunescape candle collection is sure to lift your spirits and help you unwind no matter how far you are from sunny weather and crystal-clear tides. Each candle contains a trio of harmonious notes captured in soy blend wax and is finished with a hand-crafted wick, making these the candles the perfect accompaniment to anything from a self-tanning session after work to a sunset dinner on the weekends.

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  • Natural, biodegradable and renewable
  • Exotic scents relieve stress and create ambiance
  • Softer, slower burn and longer lasting stronger fragrance due to our unique proprietary natural soy wax blend
  • Triple scented for stronger fragrances


  • BALI BREEZE: Vanilla, coconut and caramel
  • TAHITIAN TWIST: Papaya, mango - passion fruit
  • SORRENTO SUNSET: Wild Freesia, lime and lavender
  • MALIBU MIST: Mandarin, pear and coconut
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